Nagpur is a city in the central part of India. It is practically at geographical centre of India, in fact the zero milestone of India is in this city.

Tekdi Ganpati

Tekdi Ganpati, one of the most popular Ganesh temples in Nagpur draws numerous devotees every day. Located just adiacently opposite to the Nagpur Railway Station, festive occasions and religious ceremonies get thousands of people visiting the shrine that is believed to be a miraculous spot. The devout vouch that their wishes are fulfilled here. The self actualized image of Lord Ganesh is believed to be approximately 250 years old. The temple is one of the most ancient and revered religious site in Nagpur. It is said that the idol of Lord Ganesh is 'Swayambhu' or self-evolved and that while originally it was quite small in shape, gradually it has grown bigger to increase to its present dimensions.

Ambazari Lake

Ambazari Lake is a picnic spot with dynamic activities. During weekends and evenings, tourists throng to the shore of this lake to have merry making and enjoyments. The lake offers great facilities for thrilling boating experiences. The garden nearby is a theme garden with many amenities for the enjoyment of the children. The major attraction here is the musical fountain dances with the gushing water in tune with the background music and multi-color lights. Many recreational facilities are available in the garden including mini train, swinging Columbus boat, see-saws and number of playing fields. The structure of a mammoth dinosaur at the entrance is very attractive to the visitors

Maharaj Bagh

Maharaj Bagh, the specimen of pristine beauty, is a marvelous garden in Nagpur attracting thousands to its lap. This attractive garden was laid by the erstwhile Bhonsle kings. Presently it encloses a botanical garden. It houses an amazing zoo with rare collections of birds and animals.

Ramtek fort temple

Ramtek fort temple has a legendary story in its credit. This is assumed to be the sacred place where Lord Rama took rest before leaving to conquer Lanka. The Ramtek fort temple is centuries old with main deity as Lord Rama. The temple is located within a fort which is situated at a calm hilltop. This is a marvelous and cool place to keep off from madding crowds of the city. The unpolluted air in this hillock makes the environment healthy and rejuvenating.

Pench National Park

Pench National Park is in Seoni and Chhindwar districts of Madhya Pradesh in India. It derives its name from the Pench River that flows through the park from north to south dividing the park into almost equal western and eastern halves, the well forested areas of Seon and Chhindwara districts respectivelv. It was established as a tiger reserve. The park is famous for rafting. In 2011 the park won the "Best Management Award"

Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park is the oldest National Park in Maharashtra and is located at the outskirts of Nagpur. It is declared in 1993 as a Project Tiger reserve. Tadoba village is known as the 'the Jewel of Vidarbha'. A marvelous site for the wild life enthusiasts, Tadoba has rich collections of flora and fauna. The main attractions here are the lake inside the park and the rich deciduous teak forest. The lake is the natural habitat of many water birds and the forest shelters many wild species including tigers.

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