Welcome to Hotel Giriraj

Welcome to The Hotel GIRIRAJ at Nagpur. We make it easy for both frequent and first-time visitors to locate and book hotel. Hotel GIRIRAJ believes a good hotel should offer more than a good night’s sleep. It should create an environment that awakens your senses. It’s one of the many intangible qualities you’ll experience at Hotel GIRIRAJ .

Room Amenities

Wake up Call

Air - Conditioner

Bathroom Amenities




When you visit Hotel Giriraj. We want you to feel like you haven’t left your home behind. If your feel like you’ve got everything you need, the hotel has done its job efficiently and effectively.

Maid Services

We provide the maid service to keep your hotel room fresh and clean.

Room Services

We can provide tea/coffee or even breakfast for you in your room.

Guide Maps

For sightseeing and visiting the places of tourist attractions of Nagpur.

Banquet Hall

Our Banquet Hall facility is ideal for weddings, birthday parties, corporate gatherings.

Pre Booking

You need to book the Banquet Hall well in advance and every necessary information regarding the booking.

Room Gallery


Taxi Booking

Our Hotel is just 0.5 KM away from the Railway Station & 7 KM from the Airport, thus making it cost convenient and within the reach of visitors and tourists.

Destination Guide

Nagpur is a remarkable city, replete with places of social and historical significance. so if any of our guests wish to go for sightseeing and visit the places of tourist attractions of nagpur.

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